Feb 25, 2009


How to antique your sterling silver with an egg!

Boil an egg; chop it up and place it in a baggie with your silver for a few hours or until the silver has darkened to your liking. The sulphur in the egg yolk causes the reaction.
It will turn yellow and purple bluish, then greyish blackish. Wash off the silver with water and soap, then rinse.
Your jewellery or wire has turned black! This is a good thing. Just shine it up with some steel wool and/ or a polishing cloth. This technique is not very cost-effective.

Balling wire with a torch

The thinner the wire, the quicker it will ball up. Short pieces of wire take longer to ball up or won't ball up at all. You don’t want your pliers too close to the flame. The closer your pliers get to the flame, the more likely it will be that your pliers will absorb all the heat of the flame before the wire gets hot enough to melt into a ball.

Opening and closing loops and jump rings

Always use a twisting motion with your hand holding the pliers (like twisting a doorknob) to open links, loops, and jump rings. Don’t pull the loop out or you’ll never be able to twist it back into shape.

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