Feb 28, 2009

How do we manifest creativity?

First of all, what is creativity? There are many definitions. Creativity is learning; creativity is unlearning as well. Creativity is an inspired action-manifestation, flavored with newness, exhilaration and passion.

Creativity is the act of turning your imaginative ideas into reality and involves three processes: thinking, inspired action and producing or manifesting. Your intention comes first before action in the creative process. Inner action first, then outer action. If you have ideas, but don't act on them, you are imaginative but not creative.

Whole-brain thinking
Creativity requires whole-brain thinking: right-brain imagination, artistry and intuition,
plus left-brain logic and planning. Creativity is the process of bringing into being something new that did not exist before, that was previously hidden to our awareness, either as a thought, a process or a product. To have a creative experience, you will want to heighten your consciousness.

We are all creative at every moment because we are constantly changing our perceptions that we have about the world around us. Creativity does not have to be about developing something absolutely new for the world. It has more to do with developing something new to our perceptions. When we change ourselves in any way, the world changes with us. We are changed by our responses to our new perception-experiences and the world is changed by our changed actions.

Raising your consciousness
You are constantly creating. Keep the intention to always create something positive and of a higher consciousness. When you slip and have a thought that is not quite as positive as you would like, you can ask yourself a question. Can I find a thought right now that feels a little better than the thought I have been thinking? (ref. Hicks)” You would ask the same question for a feeling that you want to make more positive. Can I find a feeling right now that feels a little better than the feeling I have been feeling?” Find a thought or a feeling that creates a feeling of relief. Once you answer your question with inner action, this will bring you up a vibrational notch. This is personal creativity at its best.

The soul’s creativity
Regardless of what you are attempting to create, you can always ask: How can I make this more perfect?” Your soul is infinitely creative. It expresses its creativity in everything that it does. As you open to the creative power of your soul, you are allowing a new consciousness to emerge from within you. Observe your creativity as it blossoms with new ideas, insights, and other treasures that will come to you as you continue to access the creative power of your soul.

Energize your intentions to manifest your creativity by writing about new feelings, experiences, or insights. Explore how to express new and creative ways to inspire others, to live a more enriched life and to love and nurture yourself as well as others.
As you explore your creativity, let it express your intuition, your capacity to bring beauty into your life at every level and to enhance your relationships with all. Open up to your soul's creative expressions through movement, sound, language and all that utilizes your five senses and beyond.
Release all limitations, letting go of ways that your personality-self has limited your real self your soul. Open to your soul’s unlimited capacity, allowing your soul to reveal to you many new and wondrous experiences as you now regularly manifest your creativity.

Author: Rijuta Tooker

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