May 13, 2009

5 tips for everyone who loves to create

I was going through a magazine for jewelry making called 'Jewelry Artist' and I came upon this short article that is a must for anyone who is creative.

1. Passion. Love what you do; have enthusiasm and excitement for every part of the process. Equalize the unpleasant by giving it the same attention as the pleasant.
2. Play. Be open to approaching the usual, customary, or repetitive tasks you face in a new way. Kids do this with ease: just watch them use an empty cardboard box.
3. Practice. It is important to master your craft through repetition. Once you’ve done something many times, you’ll have the confidence to do it well every time you do it.
4. Patience. Trust yourself to go through a series of tasks in the amount of time each task requires. Sometimes, it is better to finish well than to finish fast.
5. Perseverance. Don’t stop when you hit a bump in the road. Commit to finding a way to solve a problem in your own timeframe, and don’t abandon it entirely.

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