Oct 25, 2009

The first thing to consider when selling online:

Taking good pictures, check your lighting, try different shots and see what turns out best, take your time before posting them.

Set up your profile, take a look at other profiles if you aren’t certain what to put in yours. Fill in your shop policies, don’t just write the cost and what payment you accept, give out the most information you can so your buyers will be confident about purchasing from you.

List more items, don’t publish your shop until you have a reasonable amount of items to list. Keep adding some every time you have a chance. When listing, fill out your description with a lot of detail, size and materials you use for making your art. Add your tags, fill up the 14 tags that are available to you.

Make sure you are pricing your items correctly, don't overprice.

To upgrade your shop image, take a look at other shops and what they do.

Go to the forums, read, read, read, there is so much advice on the forums in etsy.

Once your shop has the look you want, start promoting, open a facebook fan page, a twitter account. If you have time start a blog. Get your work out there.

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  1. first time visiting your blog. I certainly agree with your well-thought advice about selling online! Off to see your Etsy shop!