Aug 18, 2009

September 15th give away

Become a follower of my blog and you will be eligible for my give away on September 15th for this beautiful pendant. Please leave a website or email, so I may contact you if you win.

Tirage de ce magnifique collier le 15 septembre , Vous n'avez qu'à devenir membre de mon blog pour être éligible. svp, laissez un courriel ou un site web pour que je puisse vous contacter si vous gagnez

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Today I want to share with everyone this gorgeous shop I found on etsy. The owner of the shop is Maria from the Atlanta area in the States. She makes gorgeous hair accessories, many have a romantic and unique style! I decided to ask her a few questions about herself and her work.

Maria, tell me something about yourself.

Querida Maria Jones is my name and I'm from the suburbs of Washington D.C and Maryland. Me and my artwork are continuing changing for the better and remains unique over the years. I have more ideas than time to create and therefore makes me an insomiac

How did you get started as a designer?

I always find this to be an odd question. Its like asking someone," When did you start growing and appreciating the thumb on your right hand?" Your thumb aids you in gripping your most favorite cup of Starbucks, it helps safley lift and play with a newborn, and withoutout thumbs being able to help us ladies to hold our mascara wands we would very upset. So no one is contiously aware or gives appreciation for having a thumb but we need it and would be lost without it. The same goes for anyone that pocesses a talent and niche. I wasn't even aware that there was a name for what I liked to do intil Third Grade, and my class had a once a week Art Class. It became my favorite part of my week next to recess and I welcomed and succeeded in every project I was given.

What inspires you to create?

Alot of nights when I'm up late creating I'll be watching old movies I had recorded, it aids in my inspiration. My old movie taste range from Bettie Grable musicals, Joan Fontain in Hitchcocks Rebecca and I loved her in Jane Eyre with Orson Wells, Elizabeth Taylor in A Place in the Sun. I'm just a HUGE movie classics lover all around. I adore how the women dressed for every occassion with purpose , attention, and fit. There is just a perfect flow to the feminity and sexuality to that stlye that took place then that just didnt cross the line of vulgarity that I can find disgusting in alot young fashion. Nature inspires me a great deal I'm a pretty good sketch artist and do water colors of various landscapes. But I'm the worlds wost gardner and just killed me and sons summer garden. I really do regret disapointing him but I did warn him that mommy is only good at recreating flowers in clay and on paper. So to make up for this failure we are going to to make sets of tie died pajama T- Shirts

How do you get the word out about your shop and your work?

I am born to a very large female family and I happen to be the oldest of 22 first cousins. They are very beautiful and have gorgeous hair and I use this as an advantage in my advertising when they wear my pieces. If they are able to bring in two sales I'll create a hair piece for them for free. Right now my sister and two of our cousins are getting married this year and I'm doing custom orders of hair accessories and bouquets. So I'm getting direct exposure that way. My Etsy page seems to act as a profolio of my abilities to other people and I recieve direct orders away from Etsy that way I avoid the fees.

Where we can find your lovely hair accessories?

Recently, I was invited to join 1000 markets
( ) and one of their market groups. I like the smallness of the community and the proffessional level of all the shops there and the expectation of great costomer service there. I'm very new to online selling but I know Etsy and 1000 Markets are the two right places for me to learn and grow from current local roots. Before when someone asked me what I did it was very hard to describe clay Floral Accessories and Vintage Receations but now I have a places to direct people to.