Jan 11, 2010

Using a new marketing strategy

*Track what you are doing and find out where your traffic and sales are coming from.

*Start a mareting calender before starting new mareting strategies. If you track your activities on a marketing calendar, you can quickly refer back to specific dates and figure out what could have contributed to the increase in traffic or sales.

*If you start a marketing strategy that is costing you money and/or alot of time, make sure you’ve researched it enough to know what the odds of it working for your are. There is enough cost-free information on the Internet to get you started in the right direction. If you are well informed of a strategy before you try it, you’re more likely to succeed at using it effectively. You should also figure out who your target audience is and focus your efforts there.

*Set up Google analytics, if you haven't already and
track the traffic coming into your shop. Google analytics contains valuable statistics such as where your traffic is coming from, how long pople stay on your site, and what time of they day they visited your site. Alot of useful information for tracking your traffic can be found here.

Give your marketing strategies enough time to work effectively. The typical turn around time for most marketing plans is 3 months. Make sure you give your strategies at least this amount of time to work. It may take a while before you start to see an increase in traffic or sales, but hang in there to know for sure if your marketing strategy is working.

If you have a steady increase in sales, you can assume something is working for you. To find out what that something is do a bit of research by checking your marketing calendar and your Google Analytics stats.

Some of the information used in this write up was taken from an article by Jamie on handmade news

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