Oct 15, 2010

Emi from mehartgallery shares her tutorials on various crafts

Tell me something about yourself, your name and where you are from?

My name is Emi Harrington, I live in Nova Scotia, Canada on the outskirts of Halifax, the capital city.
Not being right in the city gives me the freedom to walk in the woods behind my home. I can meander in my back yard, and find all forms of flora, such as mosses, lichen, woodland ferns, as well as a babbling brook. I was born in the country, so I need to live where there is a minimum of forest or woods nearby where I can photograph nature. I use these images to create jewelry, or to frame as art. When you enlarge an image of tree bark, for instance, it becomes a lovely texture which no one can identify immediately, but once glued to a pendant, or made into beads, it becomes a conversation piece!

How did you get started in crafts? Is this your full time job?

I have always been interested in the creative side of life. I can remember as a young child of 2 or 3, playing with soap bubbles in the sink, and admiring the irridescent nature of all the colors they reflected! I have always loved art and I can't imagine my life without being able to create. Crafting has always been part of my life. My mind is constantly developing new ideas, new technique and new designs! There are times that I don't leave my home for days, because I have so many ideas that I must bring to fruition, so the other ideas awaiting may also be fulfilled and materialized.

I am retired from the business world now, but I always was involved in some form of art in one way or another in my spare time, weather it be teaching, creating or even selling my art. Now, I have the time to totally immerse myself in the creative development, so I could affirm that it has become my full time job!

My mind is always filled up with designs, I can see the crowd of ideas. As I develop one idea, there are always many more popping to the forefront. It never ends!

What inspires you to create? Why did you decide to sell tutorials instead of creating and selling your own designs?

If I could channel my creative interests into one category, my life might be more calm... but I am interested in everything creative. Over the years, these are some of the things I have been involved in: sewing, knitting, crochet, papier mache, photography, sculpture, ceramics and so much more

Teaching art and craft classes has also been a blessing to me because I want to spread my ideas around, so people can make use them. For me, designing comes easy. I can see how things are made in my mind and then it's just a matter of making a physical replica.Many years ago, people would ask me to show them how to create certain things. At that point I had been selling my designs to magazines and then I began to teach courses on how to make the items I was designing.

I did begin selling wooden buttons made from branches from my back woods, and selling finished knitwear, but people began emailing me, asking if I would sell them the pattern, and so that business evolved from the requests for patterns. When I received a request for a pattern on Christmas Day, I had the intuition that there was a reason for this and that I must listen to what people were asking for and that there was a demand for patterns. Offering tutorials for flower making, jewelry making, card making, and knit and crochet patterns just came as a natural conclusion.

How do you get the word out about your shop and your work, publicity, etc?

I actually am not very computer literate making it more difficult to get word out about my shop, or my work. I don't use facebook, twitter nor do I have a blog. I am too old to start learning about computers now. The only thing I know how to do is navigate on Etsy,(with great difficulty in the beginning). But things are getting easier as I go along. I wish I did know how to advertise or to attract people to my shops, but I don't. I rely on Etsy and search engines to do it for me, that's it!

Where we can find your work?

Emi offers her tutorials on flower-making, jewelry-making, and card-making in PDF files ........
so you can now make your own!!


You can also find her knit and crochet designs in her daughter's shop:


  1. Thanks so much for featuring my tutorials on your blog!!! I sincerely appreciate it!


  2. It is my pleasure Emi I think what you do is great!