Jun 22, 2010


Your link building should always be methodical and planned out correctly to acquire a diverse group of one way links pointing to your website. Social media activity is starting to show up in Google webmaster tools so having a focus on branding your business in the social space will be just as important as anything else. Your in-bound link structure should be diverse and robust.

Your links should also be targeted so a link sitting on a completely unrelated website will not give you any link building benefit. It will most likely just hurt your websites power if you attempt to connect with an unrelated website simply to acquire a link pointing to your website. Building up your website links is very important to the overall success of a business online. Treat each link as an actual pathway that could deliver a website visitor and not as much as a link to help you increase your rankings. The rankings will happen over time and you can’t speed up the process or you will find yourself cutting corners to get the job done. The search engines need to see a natural type of growth for things to work exactly how they are supposed to. Take a tasteful business branding approach to your link building and you will grow as a business online with a very strong foundation in place.

One Way Links:

A one way link is a link that only points to your website. A good example of this would be putting a link in your social profile, an article or a press release assuming that you don’t link back to them would be a one way link. The big thing that I always preach about one way link building is that relevant link building is marketing. It is about building your brand and reputation in the eyes of the search engines and your visitors. As far as I am concerned a great link source is any type of link that could potentially generate visitors to your website. This could be a press release, article, blog comment, blog post, directory, social networking, natural type of one way link source.

Internal linking:

If you are new to SEO or even a seasoned professional and you have never really dabbled with internal link building it is probably time for you start thinking about interlinking your pages and your posts to help with your long term SEO efforts. Interlinking is just as important for rankings as building external links so it is ideal that you start sooner rather than later. Internal linking offers a web user little portals to travel through to get to other important pages very quickly.

The whole goal of linking between pages is the ability to pass link juice to other pages of your website that could benefit greatly from it. Your natural website copy is littered with great potential areas to really increase the power of your internal website. Naturally the content of your website already has keywords throughout the text giving you great opportunities to link to some really nice and powerful anchor text throughout your website. When you link throughout your website to other pages always make sure you use beneficial keywords that you are already targeting in your ongoing search engine optimization efforts. Internal linking helps you balance out the power of your website quite a bit. Naturally over time certain pages of your website will build significantly more power than others so it is important to try and create a balance. Internal linking will allow you to drive extra power to other pages so that your website does not become top heavy with just a certain group of pages.

Nick Stamoulis

Jun 1, 2010

The winner for the giveaway for the turquoise and silver necklace is...

The winner of the June 1st giveaway is Jasmine1485, here is her blog.
I will send her an email and she has one week to respond or I will pick another winner.