Jan 4, 2011

A few points about customer service


We all know that a happy customer will tell one or two people, an unhappy one will tell 10... It pays to keep your customers happy.

Thank your customers for their order, and check their address to avoid mistakes.

Welcome them to your mailing list.

Send them a convo notice telling them their product has been shipped.

Customers have come to expect these courtesies, but not everyone online bothers.

You can even add an element of surprise to these customer-service messages.

Follow up, ask if they have received their purchase, if everything is to their complete satisfaction or if there's anything further you can do.Just because your customer receives the order does not mean that your work is done.


Listen or read carefully what the customer has to say - Listening is the first step to understanding. If you don't listen, you'll never find out the customer's problem. Understand their frustration and let them know you heard what they said. After the emotions subside they'll be in a more receptive mood for advice or whatever decision you have come up with..

Pay Attention - Multitasking is great for productivity, but never forget that the customer you're dealing with is your top priority. Listening isn't just about hearing what they say, it's hearing all of what they have to say. Get a big picture view of the issue and a more comprehensive solution can present itself.

Apologize - Even if it's not your fault, apologizing and taking ownership of a problem is one of the fastest ways to defuse an emotional situation. You don't have to assume responsibility to truly apologize. Saying you're sorry the screw-up occurred doesn't mean it's your fault, it says how you feel about what happened.

Focus On Solutions, Not On Blame - Never put the blame on someone else , instead focus on finding a solution that will work.

All customers are all different. Finding the right solution to their problem starts with knowing what they want and need.

When appropriate, have fun with the customer. If they're smiling, you've done a good job.

Jan 1, 2011

Happy 2011!

A very happy new year to all! Best wishes, love, happiness and health!